My ordinariness will never get corrupted: Pankaj Tripathi
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My ordinariness will never get corrupted: Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi’s work is taken into account each study material for actors and fodder for net memes. In its year people witnessed the increase of recent talent, Tripathi systematically delivered superior performances – from Gunjan Saxena, Mirzapur season 2 to the abundant recent Ludo.


Pankaj Tripathi finds comfort in detachment. For an actor, those brilliant rises to high status happened in recent years, Tripathi understands namelessness higher than anyone else.

I know all this is a myth. People didn’t know me till a few years ago and they won’t know me after a couple of years. So, in this current phase of being famous, I already know how it feels to be not known,he says.

This is additionally why the actor believes his simplicity can ne’er be burdened by his rising stardom.

On being inquired as to whether he fears getting ruined by the sparkle of showbiz, the entertainer says,

“It won’t ever get corrupted. My software is very strong and I carry my anti-virus with me. (Laughs) I see birds flying back to their nests every evening from outside my window. So, I know everyone has to return to home every night, regardless of one’s fame or stardom. I am a grounded person, connected to nature. I travel to villages and small towns. So, no it won’t get corrupted because when your roots are firmly in the ground, the tree will survive both the good and the bad times.”

Pankaj Tripathi’s capacity to make his characters relatable is perhaps the greatest strength as an entertainer, one that regularly positions his presentation greater than the film or show he is a piece of. The entertainer, nonetheless, doesn’t have any desire to harp on it as he accepts incredible characters come distinctly from great stories.

Written by Subhash Jha

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