Interesting Facts About Kajol

Interesting Facts About Kajol | Know Everything About Kajol

She is the granddaughter of Shobhna Samarth who is also known for his acting, direction and production

A 16-year-old girl who made her debut in Bekhudi became one of the iconic stars of the nation. She was none other than the beauty queen Kajol, who stole a lot of people’s hearts with her natural acting. She has earned numerous awards over the years. Through her breakthrough performance in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai’, she became the favourite for most people and marked her in the movie industry. And she is leading a private life. From her favourite food to her favourite workout, here are some of the interesting facts about Kajol, one of the most gorgeous actresses in Bollywood.

Interesting Facts About Kajol
Interesting Facts About Kajol

Kajol’s Family Background:

Kajol is the great-granddaughter of Rattan Bai, who was an actor and singer in 1930. And she is the granddaughter of Shobhna Samarth who is also known for his acting, direction and production. And her father was director Shomu Mukherjee and her mother is veteran actor Tanuja. Her cousin is Rani Mukerji and director Ayan Mukherjee. And she came from a cine background family. 

Interesting Facts About Kajol

Filmfare Award:

Kajol was honoured with the Filmfare award for her best performance in Gupt: the hidden truth in 1998. She became the first female actor to win this award for a negative role. She also won many Filmfare awards for best actress. Kajol was the second person to receive the honourable Padma Shri award. 

Interesting Facts About Kajol


Along with the so-called King Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), Kajol became the first Indian star actress that she can also able to ring the opening bell at the American stock exchange, based in New York City. This opportunity came to her for the promotions of the duo’s film My Name Is Khan in 2010.

Interesting Facts About Kajol

Doll in Harrods:

In 2006, Kajol joined along with Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra to have miniature doll models for her in Harrods, an iconic luxurious department store in London to respect her. 

Change in Her Career:

In an interview, Kajol told that the Udhaar Ki Zindagi movie changed her life as an actor. In 1994 when Kajol was 19-year-old, she played a character with an emotional depth. “By the time I did Udhaar Ki Zindagi and I had already done three films. But at that time I was so exhausted. I think I went through something like an emotional burnout ” told Kajol in her interview. She told her mother that she didn’t want the responsibility of playing an honest performance. And after this film, She chose her lovable life partner, Ajay Devgn. 

Passionate Philanthropist:

Kajol is a social worker and cares about children’s education and helps them in many ways. She joins hands with Shiksha, an NGO that also works for the same reason, and she is also the brand ambassador of Pratham and The Loomba Trust, charity organisations for children. The actress was also honoured with the Karamveer Pushkar award – a global civilian honour given by the UN for her social activities. 

Interesting Facts About Kajol


Talking about Kajol’s hobbies, she loves reading science-fiction, horror novels and writing poetry. Her love for literature is too vast. In an interview held with Anupama Chopra, the Kajol told, “I don’t like to read scripts generally, even though I am a big reader. I prefer to hear it narrated to me. That’s one of my quirks.” by this way we come to know about her love for reading. 

Big splurges:

In an interview with Filmfare, Kajol told that “I wouldn’t say I’m stingy, but I’m careful about how and where I spend my money,”. She confessed that she checks her children’s spending habits, and asks them for accounts of how much they spent. “Whenever my kids go out, I ask them for a hisaab. They get irritated but they have to give me an account. It’s important for them to understand the value of money.” 

Love for food: 

Kajol usually posts pictures of herself on Instagram enjoying her morning dose of coffee and She also loves seafood. 


In an interview with Vogue, Kajol told that she loves to dance and she confessed “I am obsessed with Pilates. But my all-time favourite is the western dance for a quick fun workout session.” when asked about her workout playlist, the actor confessed, “My playlist has a lot of old and new [songs], but the one staple on all my playlists is ‘Titanium’ by Sia. I love strong chick songs.”

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Written by Meenakshi R

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