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Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai: Nehha Pendse Replaced Saumya Tandon

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai is one of the most popular TV serials air on & TV. It’s a comedy-drama. The show takes place in the story at “Modern Colony” in Kanpur, UP. The story revolves around the neighbours of Modern Colony. Two husbands Vibhuti Mishra and Manmohan Tiwari like each other’s wife due to boredom in long married life. Vibhuti’s wife Anita bhabi is modern, smart and runs grooming classes. On the other hand, Manmohan Tiwari’s wife Angoori bhabi is a simple and naive housewife.

Bhabiji Ghar Par hai

In the show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, Saumya Tandon was playing the role of Anita bhabi from the starting of the show. But recently Nehha Pendse has replaced her for the role of Anita bhabi. Soumya said goodbye to the show in July 2020. Since then Anita Bhabi was missing on show. Last week Nehha started shooting for the show.

Anita Bhabi

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New Anita Bhabi Entry Promo:

Let’s have a look on the promo of New Anita Bhabiji Entry…

Nehha’s View Doing the Character :

Nehha was seen earlier in another comedy sitcom “May I come in madam” on Life OK. Audiences love her character in that show. Nehha said that

It’s already coming my way even when people haven’t seen my work as Anita.

May I come in madam

While answering the question about the doing the role of Anita bhabi she said,

I feel Anita Bhabhi’s character can be made more fun. That’s the reason I gravitated towards the character of Gori Mem, as one can make more fun. Whether or not I will succeed in doing this, only time will tell. But I feel it definitely has more potential

Nehha Pendse

Talking about the genre of comedy with Indian Express She also said,

I think every actor has to do hard work on every character. As for comedy, I don’t think it’s natural. However, this is a sitcom, where the situation is funny, I don’t need to do comedy. Honestly, I am not a Bharti Singh or Kapil Sharma who can crack jokes and make people laugh. A situational comedy set up works much better for me

Nehha Pendse

The new episodes with new Anita Bhabi have started on 17th February. Nehha is actually a very beautiful and bold actress. She is a fashionista too. She was also seen in Bigg Boss 12. Nehha was in the headline for her marriage last year. She mentioned,

Nehha Pendse

it’s a big responsibility to fill the shoes of Anita Bhabhi

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Written by Malini Gupta

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