Anupamaa's Upcoming Story Adik Uses Pakhi As A Pawn Against Vanraj And Anupama
Anupamaa's Upcoming Story Adik Uses Pakhi As A Pawn Against Vanraj And Anupama
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Anupamaa’s Upcoming Story: Adik Uses Pakhi As A Pawn Against Vanraj And Anupama

Anupamaa’s Upcoming Story:

Adhik and Pakhi’s friendship is the focus of the opening scene of Anupama on July 5th, 2022. The episode opens with Pakhi complaining that everyone is making a huge deal out of her friendship with Adhik. Vanraj says that such friendships aren’t acceptable in India. To which she replied that if an adulterous affair is okay in India, then a friendship between two young people is as well, to which Vanraj objected. After that, Toshu yelled at her. She answers Toshu’s yell by questioning why he has no support if he married his fiancée and received everyone’s approval. Pakhi loses her cool and admits that she wanted to go to Anu’s house because of Adhik. This is Anupamaa’s Upcoming Story.

Anupamaa's Upcoming Story
Anupamaa’s Upcoming Story

Anupama TV Serial Today’s Episode: July 5th, 2022 Written Update

In the current episode of Anupamaa, the Shah family’s baby shower becomes the scene of a major drama. Rakhi uses Vanraj as a pawn in her vendetta against Anuj, telling him that the latter has taken his place. Vanraj goes to Kinjal’s house to attend to Kinjal’s baby shower. On the other hand, Vanraj is drawn to Adik and Pakhi’s intimacy. According to Vanraj, Pakhi will not be allowed to stay with Adik. As he slaps Adik, everyone looks on in shock. Anupamaa tries to stop Vanraj. Pakhi becomes agitated at Vanraj and calls him jealous.

Anupamaa's Upcoming Story
Anupama TV Serial Today’s Episode July 5th, 2022 Written Update

Pakhi will remind Vanraj of his old life with Kavya in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa and makes him feel bad. Vanraj and Anupamaa will get some advice from Pakhi on how to find love in their golden years. Pakhi also says that Vanraj was not planning a second marriage.

Anupama Questions Pakhi About Her Identity:

Anupamaa prevents Pakhi’s tongue. Anupamaa asks Pakhi what she has done with her life since her second marriage and establishing her job. It’s time for Vanraj to give Pakhi a lesson for the rest of her life. On the other hand, Pakhi is stunned by Anupamaa’s question.

Rakhi Insults Vanraj:

On the other hand, Rakhi is in favour of Pakhi and accuses Anupamaa of spoiling her children. Rakhi insults Vanraj publicly. Kinjal’s mother Rakhi insulted Vanraj, and Kinjal lost her temper. As a result of this, she orders Rakhi to leave the house immediately.

Anupama TV Serial Next Episode Spoiler Alert:

After Anuj’s family has left, Vanraj will scream at Anupamaa. Anu is advised by Vanraj to leave her husband’s family. In response to Vanraj, Anupamaa scolds him and vows never to see him again. Barkha takes advantage of the circumstance and arranges Adik and Pakhi’s engagement. To make Pakhi fall in love with him, Adik plots to take over all of Anu’s assets. He intends to use Pakhi as a weapon against Vanraj and Anupamaa. While Vanraj claims that he will not allow Pakhi and Adhik’s friendship to become too close, Adhik manipulates Pakhi and tells her to fight for their relationship. Who knows what’s going to happen next.

Anupamaa's Upcoming Story
Anupama TV Serial Next Episode Spoiler Alert

Anupama TV Serial Latest News:

In the most recent episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj received an earful from his own daughter, which impressed viewers. Pakhi and Adhik are expressing their affections for one another when Vanraj walks up and slaps the lad for allegedly “manipulating” his daughter into having an intimate relationship with him. Pakhi responds that she is no longer a child and that she wanted to be with Adhik at the time. Vanraj then demands that she cease defending Adhik, but she insists that he listen to her. Pakhi informs everyone that she and Adhik have affections for one another, and it is only natural to accept two individuals who have feelings for one another.

Written by Janhvi Sharma

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